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Buy Sports bra for women Online In India

Nutex is proud to present its latest offering in the world of women’s activewear – the Cotton Rich Stretchable Sports Bra. Designed with the modern woman in mind, this sports bra combines the best of both worlds – the natural comfort of cotton and the flexibility of the stretchable fabric.

With a high-quality cotton blend used in its construction, the Cotton Rich Stretchable Sports Bra is soft and breathable while still being supportive and long-lasting. When worn during even the most strenuous workouts, the cotton-rich fabric guarantees that it feels fantastic against the skin and wicks away moisture to keep you fresh and comfortable. Although allowing for a full range of motion, the elastic fabric also allows for unrestricted movement, allowing you to move freely and comfortably.

At Nutex, we’re dedicated to employing only the best components and production techniques to develop goods that cater to the demands of today’s active women. This is also true with our Cotton Rich Stretchable Sports Bra, which we are sure will become a mainstay in your athletic wardrobe. This sports bra is the ideal option for comfort, support, and style whether you’re an experienced athlete or just getting started on your fitness path.

Why Should You Wear a Sports Bra?

The most important advantage of wearing a sports bra is that it supports the breasts during physical exercise. When you move, your breasts move with you, which can cause discomfort, suffering, and even long-term damage to the breast tissue if not properly supported. Sports bra for women are made to reduce this movement, lowering the risk of breast soreness and damage.

Sports bra for women also assist to reduce breast sagging over time. As the breasts bounce during exercise, the ligaments in the breast tissue can strain and get injured, resulting in sagging. Using a supportive sports bra can help to avoid this, keeping your breasts plump and young.

How to find best sports bra

Selecting the appropriate sports bra is critical to ensure optimal support and comfort while exercising. Consider the following factors while shopping for a sports bra

Support Level: Assess the effect of your activities and select a sports bra that provides adequate support. Compression bras are ideal for low-impact exercises, whereas encapsulation and hybrid bras are ideal for medium- to high-impact activities.

Straps: For a tailored fit, look for sports bras with adjustable straps. Broad straps are also more effective in distributing weight and providing additional support.

Fit: Ensure that the sports bra is snug but not too tight. It should be pleasant to wear and should not chafe or irritate the skin.

Material: Select breathable, moisture-wicking sports bras to keep you cool and dry during vigorous exercise.


Q1. What exactly is a sports bra, and why do I require one?
A1. A sports bra is a type of bra that is particularly intended to give support and limit breast movement when exercising. You need one to avoid discomfort, suffering, and long-term damage to your breast tissue.

Q2. How can I know whether my sports bra is properly fitting?
A2. a properly fitted sports bra should be snug but not overly tight. It should offer support without digging into your skin or creating pain. The band should fit flat on your ribs, and the straps should be adjustable so that they do not press into your shoulders.

Q3. Are sports bras linked to breast cancer?
A3. No, there is no scientific proof that wearing a sports bra causes breast cancer. Nonetheless, it is critical to wear a correctly fitting sports bra to avoid pain and possibly long-term breast tissue damage.

Q4. Is it safe to use sports bras every day?
A4. Sports bras are meant to provide a comfortable snug fit to keep the breasts in place while exercising hard. These bras are designed to be worn for a short period of time while working out. Nonetheless, if you are comfortable wearing them, they are also a fantastic alternative for relaxing.

Q5. Can I wear the same yoga bra and running bra?
A5. It is conceivable that your yoga bra and running bra are the same, however, this is dependent on the degree of support you require for each exercise.

If you are a low-impact runner, a yoga bra may be sufficient for your runs. If you are a high-impact runner or participate in other high-impact activities such as aerobics or HIIT, you may require a sports bra developed particularly for running or high-impact activities. These sports bras often provide additional support and are meant to reduce breast bounce and movement during strenuous physical exercise.

Q6. How often can a sports bra be worn?
A6. Numerous ladies claim to live in their sports bras without any hassle. This might be due to the increased support and comfort the bra provides. Until it’s all sweaty after an intense workout session, there’s no time limit on how long you may leave it on. In that instance, you should change for hygienic reasons; otherwise, you can exchange your regular bra for a sports bra as needed if you are comfortable in it.


Finally, NUTEX sports bras are made to give optimal support and comfort during exercises. Our bras are composed of high-quality, moisture-wicking materials that keep you cool and dry throughout even the most strenuous activity. NUTEX has you covered whether you’re heading to the gym, going for a run, or doing yoga. Shop now to see the impact our sports bras can make!

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