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Hot bra and Everyday Bra Collection for the Best Comfort You Deserve with perfect bra sizes

Are you afraid of Daily wearing bras with inferior quality materials that are always uncomfortable and cause skin issues? Well, you should not be anymore. We at NUTEX are dedicated to providing you with Daily wear bras and hot bras with the best experience and comfort starting just at a price point of ₹99 bra only without compromising on the material quality. We provide you with one of the best bra sizes of everyday bra collection ranges with a wide variety to choose from by offering you a vast limitless option of everyday bra and hot bra wear collections that you can choose from.
Hot bras for women generally comprise double layered non-padded cups which are comfortable and poke-free. It is a superior combination of superb comfort and precise support mixed with a trendy design worthy to be worn regularly.



  • Affordable: You can find the right hot bra and everyday bra without breaking the bank thanks to our hot bra prices as low as 99 bras.
  • Comfortable: High quality, supportive and comfortable materials are used to manufacture our Hot Bras.
  • Supportive: You can feel confident all day long with the proper support from our Hot Bra.
  • Flattering: Our hot bras are made to boost your confidence and improve your body shape.
  • Free shipping: You can get your new hot bra and everyday bra from us without leaving your home as we offer free shipping on all orders.
  • COD available: You can pay upon receipt of your Hot Bra and 99 bra as we offer COD on every order.
  • Bra sizes: Our hot bra and everyday bra collections come in ideal bra sizes.

Types of Bra

Sports Bras– Bras which are best suitable for sports activities and gym wear.

Everyday bras– Bras suitable for daily wear & home use.

Maternity Bras: Bras used during the maternity period with an adjustable & comfortable fit.

Padded Bras: These are the best combination to provide you with the luxury of utmost comfort with every outfit.

Premium Bras: Bras with the best combination of comfort and luxury.

T-shirt Bra: Get the best fitting possible being seamless with the help of double-layered clothing with no stitching giving you a seamless appeal.

Types of Fabric

Cotton Rich: This comfortable fabric resists rash-causing bacteria, making it a great choice for hot & humid summer days. Suitable for all-day comfort, Cotton Spandex is a breathable and stretchable fabric. These fabrics are perfect for any weather, making them a staple for Daily wear hot bras.

Tips To Shop Everyday hot Bra

Perfect bra Sizes: For getting the best fit, always follow the bra sizes chart and buy an everyday bra and hot bra.

Explore Options: With the best collection and a vast variety of options to choose from, choose the types of bra sizes of daily wear hot bra which suits you the best.

Be Trendy: Add glam and trendiness to your Daily wear hot bra collection by selecting from our large collection of trendy new refreshing prints and designs.



Q1. Which hot bra is best for daily use?
A1. Regarding the best hot bras for everyday wear, those that are comfortable and non-wired can be considered.

Q2. Which is the best hot bra and 99 bra for daily use, sports or normal?
A2. Daily wear hot bras and 99 bra are designed for everyday comfort where as Sports bras are best for your gym and workout routine.

Q3. Which is the best hot bra to be used with casual outfits or T-Shirts?
A3. T-Shirt bras provide the best seamless experience with casual outfits like T-Shirts.



That being said, there is no doubt that what makes a decent women’s hot bra is determined by three factors: comfort, size, and style. At Nutex, we provide the finest of all three characteristics, so you never have to sacrifice your experience. So what are you looking forward to? Get your hands on one of our bras right away!

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